Casino Decor


These large dice make great centerpieces for any casino event. They measure 24″ X 24″ X 24″ and come in a set of two. Our optional LED lighting system makes them seem as they are moving like rolling dice on a craps table.


Gobos are one of the oldest types of stage lighting effects and are utilized to create shapes, patterns and designs that help evoke a certain type of atmosphere or ambiance. There are a seemingly endless amount of gobo designs to choose from to help create the special lighting effects needed for a particular stage production: Gobo Lighting Effects

Party Services

We offer a complete range of party services

Photo Booth

Signature Photo booths are available for rental in the Sacramento area and is a great way to add something special to your event.


Signature Bartenders are the most talented, friendly, professional, and polished Bartenders in the industry.

Event Staffs

Our Cocktail servers offer tray service to your guests and can tailor their work to your special event needs.


Signature Catering Services is one of the leading Caterers in the Sacramento Area. Combination of good food,

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