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Bar Fly Bookings works under a simple philosophy; More, more, and more. Meaning, more marketing, more presence, and more knowledge. The better informed your consumer, the better they consume. Our aim is to supple highly trained Beautiful Field Ambassadors to your on-premise events with a overseeing event manager. Our prices are competitive and our staff is over the top. We are Marketing. After two years Bar Fly Bookings has grown its staff by more than 300 percent. Let us grow with you. |

Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, The Pagoda Building is at 429 J Street on the NW corner of J Street and 5th Street. The building itself is approximately 15,000 sq. feet and has four very unique levels that are all available to the public; the Courtyard level, the Plaza level, the City View level and the Sky View level, all of which can be tailored to your specific event. |

Welcome to the official site of corporate magician Joel Ward. Joel specializes in creating custom corporate magic for all types of business events. Whether you are unveiling a new product or want to add some amazing special effects to your show, your audience will be enthralled with the innovative magic and presence of Joel Ward. More info on corporate magic >>


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Our dedicated staff wants to invite you to one of our convenient locations in the Sacramento Area: Downtown, Fulton and on campus at Sac State. We are ready to "mellow you out"!

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